Original lyrics handwritten by the artist

Lady Playing Guitar - Lyre Gallery

Lyrics find us in our own moments—with meanings so personal that the words begin to feel like they were written for us.

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Newly released editions

Bring your favorite artist's lyrics into your home as a piece of art

Lyrics are handwritten by the artist on fine art paper, creating an extension of their song into a visual piece of art.

Each piece is a hand-made original and part of a limited edition

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Fan Photograph With Handwritten Lyric - Lyre Gallery

Directly support the music and artists you love

Music is woven into our memories, emotions and experiences. The value in that is infinite, making it our responsibility as fans to help support the artists behind the music.

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Sappho Illustration - Lyre Gallery

Meaningful connection to the artist

These handwritten lyrics are like a glimpse into the past, to a time when the words were first transcribed onto paper. They contain only a lyric fragment that has been chosen by the artist. Each piece is part of a limited edition of thirty originals—making each one unique and owning one rare.