Frequently asked questions


What is an edition?
Editions are a collection of thirty original lyric pieces—these are not prints. Each piece within the edition contains the same lyric however because they are handmade, each one is unique.

I am looking for an artist but I don’t see them on your site?
We are always updating our site with new artists as they partner with Lyre. Join the gallery newsletter to receive updates as we release new artist editions.

Will artists offer different lyrics than what is currently available?
Currently, each artist/band on Lyre Gallery offers one edition at a time. Once that edition is sold, those lyrics will be archived and will not be produced again. We may then release a new edition with a different lyric that is chosen by the artist.

Can you order a piece with different lyrics than what is available?
Some artists offer custom commissioned pieces. Please fill out the form with your inquiry here.

Is there an option to order a piece framed?
At the moment, we do not offer a framing option however we can offer framing recommendations upon request. 

Ordering & Shipping

How can I check on the status of my order?
Please feel free to email us at anytime to get an update on your order. Note that you will receive automatic emails once your order has been shipped along with a tracking number.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide! Please see our shipping page for info.

Is your packaging recyclable?
We ensure that each piece is shipped in packaging that is is made from recycled materials and/or is recyclable wherever we can.